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2014 Cyber Monday Wind Chime Gifts!

Cyber Monday isn’t too far away. Are you ready? We are starting our holiday sale early this year to help our customers beat the crowds (online and offline) and still save money while buying American products.

Below are our top sale picks for the “beat Cyber Monday” crowd. Almost all of our wind chime products are on sale right now, but these particular wind chimes are deeply discounted and for a limited time.

Small Himalayan Echo Wind Chime – $25 off retail right now.

“Drift away to the mystical Far East as you listen to the soothing harmonies produced by this exquisitely crafted Small Himalayan Echo wind chime by Grace Notes. Hanging this wind chime near your favorite outdoor area will create your own personalized mountainside retreat. Hand crafted using only the finest of materials, this amazing wind chime is destined to become one of your most cherished treasures!”

Tenor Quartal Wind Chimes – $90 off retail right now.

“Intensify your outdoor pleasure with subtle and serene melodies produced by this hypnotic Tenor Quartal wind chime. The scale of this hand crafted Music of the Spheres wind chime has been emulated and revered by American composers for over a century and is sure to delight.”

In case you are new to the EcoWindChimes.com brand, our company was was launched in 2005. The company is run by myself and my wife. All of our products are American-made and sourced.  We are dedicated to providing high-quality wind chimes created with skilled workmanship, implementing affordability, and purposeful retail.

All this said, last year the media said if every holiday shopper spent $64 each on American-made products, we could eliminate unemployment all together. And yet, this didn’t happen. Why? We need to ban together and support American-made products and keep jobs here in the USA so we can be self-sufficient. Even if you don’t buy one of our products, please consider the $64 (or more) rule when you do your shopping this holiday season.

Until next blog post,

Stephen Betzen of EcoWindChimes.com


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