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Wind Chimes from Antiques


We would love to have everyone who reads this blog buy a set (or two) of our EcoWindChimes.com. This said, we know many people this year are going to be all about the homemade Christmas gift- which is great.

One of the more popular questions we receive on social media deals with upcycling and saving money when creating wind chimes. In the past, this blog discussed how to make your own wind chimes out of yarn and bottle caps, wine bottles, and even canned food containers. Today, however, we are getting a little more vintage and a little more personal. Today, we’re going to teach you how to make wind chimes from vintage silverware.

First, you don’t need to use your own silverware. If you have heirloom pieces at home, skip using them as your wind chime stems. Instead, you can pick up extra silverware at yard sales or on eBay.

Here’s what you need for this project;

Random pieces of silverware including spoons and forks

Thin wire, thread, or  fishing wire

Needle nose pliers (the hardware kind)

Flat nose pliers (the hardware kind)

Optional: beads and pearls for decoration (for the holidays, green and red are ideal)

To make:

Choose a nice big fork to function as the main ‘hanger’. With the flat nose pliers, bend the tines. First to the front, back, front and back and then bend the two outers ones to the side. Proceed gently and keep moving the pliers up and down along the tine so it won’t break. Then with the needle nose pliers bend the tips upwards.

Next, start drilling. Punching a little dent first will help to prevent the drill from slipping. Remember to use an iron drill bit.  If the edges of your holes are very rough, sand them smooth. Next, let the assembling begin.

Add any embellishments in any color setting you like. To do this, basically tie a knot through and around any embellishments and then run one of the loose ends through the hoop twice and then tie another knot. This should secure it, but for extra safety you can put a little glue on the knot too.

Finally, assemble all the pieces together to shape your wind chimes. Make sure to choose a nice spot for it and try to take non-blurry pictures while it dangles and tingles in the wind.

Be sure to post your photos of your vintage silverware wind chimes and tag us in them!


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