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3 Ideas for Wind Chime Placement

Everyone thinks that wind chimes belong outside, but some people know that wind chimes also look beautiful inside. Regardless if you’re a realist or a dreamer, our team came up with some amazing spots to hang your wind chimes that promise to be conversation starters.

1. Near the air vent in the family room. This technique offers a certain charm to quite reading or mediation sessions within the home. Plus, it can help (at least some believe) to ward off evil spirits.

2. In a walk-in closet. Now, some may think “but no one will see them.” Well, this is the point. The wind chimes in your walk-in closet are really an energy pull between you and the chimes. It is like a secret relationship between you and the chimes. I tell anyone who does this to put the chimes up with an intention, like “weight loss” or “better job.” This way, every time you see the chime- you’re reminded of the intention and the energy will pull you closer to achieving it.!

3. On the inside of a sun porch. I hate to say it, but sun porches are primarily used when it is too hot or too cold to actually go outside. So, why not bring the elements inside?! As a decorative piece, wind chimes offer a bridge between the outdoors and indoors to a sun porch. Plus, you can always put a fan under them to make them ring and cool off the porch.

Until next time,

Stephen Betzen of EcoWindChimes.com


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