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Types of Wind Chimes

There are few people who do not love the musical beauty of a wind chime. They have long been used on porches, patios, and in the garden. If you are in the market to add special character to one of these areas of your home, it is important to first learn the different types of chimes which you can purchase.
Although the basic components of a wind chime is the same with all types – they have a hanger, a header and strands that bring the décor and music to the piece- there are many differences that exist between each type as well.
Pipe wind chimes are popular. These chimes have various thickness levels and can produce a number of different tones, depending upon the type of pipe material. Many pipe wind chimes produce a crisp, deep sound.
Bamboo wind chimes are constructed from dried bamboo stalk. The stalks are typically between ½ inch and two inches in diameter, but the length varies. The bamboo wind chime produces a softer sound than a pipe wind chime, and when clanged together, they produce a sound similar to a bell.
The classic wind chime is what you see on most front porches. These chimes make a beautiful sound when the wind blows them together. These wind chimes are constructed of computerized tuned materials and are typically the cheapest to purchase.
Harmony wind chimes are made of steel wires and aluminum rods. These chimes are smaller than most of the other chimes, but they produce one of the most pleasing sounds that you will ever hear, hence their name ‘harmony.’
Woodstock wind chimes are another popular type of chimes. These wind chimes are made from the best materials, such as steel and aluminum. Man people use Woodstock wind chimes to decorate around the home.
If you are ready to decorate your home with wind chimes, the above types are the most popular choices that you can buy.


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