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Wind Chimes and Paranormal Activity


Many people use wind chimes for relaxation purposes. Some even use the wind chimes as a memorial tribute for loved ones who have passed. But, did you know that wind chimes are becoming more and more of a tool when detecting paranormal activity? It’s true.

Many psychics are using wind chimes as a way to connect with the energy of ghosts. A well-known psychic said she puts wind chimes in the homes of people who suspect they have ghosts. She places the wind chime in a “high traffic area” that is monitored with a security camera. The thought is the ghosts can make the chimes move, which can also be caught on camera. If the wind chimes move, the sound alerts the home owners that the ghost is active and really there. Remember, this only works when placing the wind chimes inside the house.

So you see, wind chimes can serve many purposes. We love them because they are a beautiful piece of decor that offers calming noise.


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