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How to Make Bottle Cap Wind Chimes

It’s the summer. The kids are home from school.  It isn’t even July 1st yet and you are all out of ideas to keep them busy. Well, here is one idea that will take an entire day, requires the use of recycled materials, and promotes creativity within kids!

Bottle Cap Wind Chimes are beautiful and fun to make. Here are the instructions. Remember, if the kids are under the age of 10 some supervision will be required.

First, collect at least 20 metal bottle caps. You will also need a small nail and a hammer. To start making the wind chimes, place a single bottle cap on a small service. Line the nail up with the bottle cap’s center top area. Use the hammer to ping a small hole through the cap with the nail. Repeat this step with all of your bottle caps.

Next, cut either fishing line, plastic wire, or even sewing string in groups of three feet measurements. Thread the material through the bottle caps. You can stack or group them together at your liking. Once completed, make knots. When you’re done, you can group the strings of bottle caps together. You can make the wind chime base out of anything you have lying around the house. Even plat hooks, tree branches, etc.  The point is to get creative.

Children can take photos of their homemade project (wind chimes) and share them on Pinterest- maybe even creating a Likes contest.




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