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How to Chant! Eco Wind Chimes Provides Another Relaxation Tip!


Eco Wind Chimes was founded on two principals. The first being to provide American-made and sourced quality products. The second to spread the basic principal that sound is energy and this energy can be very healing. This brings me to the point of today’s blog… chanting.

Chanting can be an amazing tool for relaxation. If you’re outside, close to your Eco Wind Chimes, you can sit still and just focus on the sound of the wind chimes.  And, once your mind is a bit quieter, start chanting. Sound — in the form of your voice chanting — causes subtle vibrations. Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, a renowned specialist in Chinese medicine, suggests in his book that sound vibrates our organs, “thereby stimulating and accelerating the flow of energy” (or qi). Different sounds stimulate vibrations in different body parts.

You can change your mood, heal your mind, and just embrace nature when you perform simple chants with or without wind chimes. Below is an example of a suggested traditional chant.

The sounds are EEEEEEEE, AAAAAYYYY, OOOOOO (as in go), OOOHHHH (as in goo), AAAHHHH, MMMMM and SSSSS. If you say these phrases over and over and over and over again… you’re chanting.  Start off slow, maybe five minutes per day, and then graduate to thirty or even sixty minutes!

Stephen Betzen, EcoWindChimes.com


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