Wind chimes and superstitions.

We here at often read letters from our customers. One customer’s letter mentioned the various wind chime superstitions that exist to this day. While we read a lot about luck and wind chimes or ghosts and wind chimes, the superstition topic had us intrigued. After a little digging, here is what we found out when it comes to wind chimes, certain cultures and superstitions;

#1. It’s believed (in Ireland anyway) that wind chimes scare the demons away from your door and they can’t enter your home and cause bad things to happen.

#2. If you hang wind chimes in your bathroom (according to the French), you welcome evil spirits into your home and your mouth and actions will be filled with unclean motives.

#3. If a wind chime rings after 4pm on a Sunday (thanks Italy), then someone in the home will become ill or engaged.  We couldn’t find what deciphers the illness from the marriage proposal, so I guess it is a tossup in Italy if you hear the chimes after 4pm on a Sunday!

#4. In England, if you put wind chimes in the home, you are hopeful a baby will be on the way for yourself or your children.  No evidence on if this works or not, but the English swear it helps with issues of fertility.

#5. Hanging wind chimes in an old barn will draw ghosts to the farm and your crops will prosper. Again, there is no evidence as to if this is true or explanation as to why the presence of ghosts will  cause crops to prosper- but the superstition exists.

We hope you enjoyed these superstitions as much as us here at

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The Delta Breeze is Today; July 17, 2014

Wind chime enthusiasts are in love with today. Why? Well, meteorologists have confirmed a strong breeze in the San Francisco area. One local newspaper wrote, “Feel that breeze? That’s the sensation that comes with cooling in the Sacramento region. The National Weather Service is calling for a high of just 87 degrees on Thursday in Sacramento, which is about a half dozen degrees below normal for mid-July. The Delta breeze was pushing into the Central Valley via the Carquinez Strait. At 5 a.m. Thursday many valley temperatures were running 5 to 10 degrees cooler than 24 hours earlier.”

The reason this is big news in the wind chime community, especially for us here at, is the constant breeze will allow wind chimes to chime continuously throughout the day. If wind is too strong, chimes can clank and sound a bit unpleasant. Without any wind the chimes can be a beautiful décor piece but offer no calming noise to the mind. A light breeze is always appreciated by wind chime lovers, but a continued breeze is something magical!

We are requesting all people who live in the area to send us photos or video of their wind chimes reacting to this magnificent Delta Breeze.



The Who, What, Where and Why Behind Wind Chimes

There are many reasons why people hang wind chimes. Sailors use them to help detect weather patterns. Spiritual types use them to fend off evil spirits or to bring good luck. Gardeners love them as décor and to also scare away unwanted rodents. Regardless of the reason why, there is no doubt wind chimes are more popular than ever!
Wind chimes use different tones and vibrations designed to calm the mind and soothe the nerves. Think of wind chimes as a way to disengage from the stress of the real world. Feng Shui also uses wind chimes for numerous treatments, believing that the relaxing sounds created by wind chimes could heal and restore the soul. Metal and wood based wind chimes are the most desired wind chimes around. In Feng Shui the amount of rods on a wind chime can predict good fortune or bring good health.

Here at, we suggest selecting a wind chime based on the tone, the materials used and where you want to place them and for what purpose. Setting up your wind chimes is sort of simple, regardless of the location you choose. If you plan to hang your wind chimes from your outdoor patio, you will need to use a basic set of C formed hooks that can screw into the ceiling. Any type of hook can be used and there are various selections at your local hardware store. The main concern is to make certain it is strong enough to help your set of wind chimes. If you have large wind chimes (100lb or more), and many people do, you may have to bring in a professional handyman or woman to help you place the wind chimes.
So, wind chimes have lots of purposes and are made from a variety of different materials.

You can place them anywhere indoors or outdoors that you like- just remember, if you are going by Feng Shui practices then the placement and the number of wind chime rods does matter.

Until next time,

Popsicle Stick Wind Chimes.


The summer is upon us. We here at want to share an amazing and fun summer craft that involves wind chimes and Popsicle sticks.  This activity is good for ages 5 and up.

Here is what you need.

Popsicle sticks





Stickers, glitter and paint is all option.


Prepare 10 Popsicle sticks. Put a line of glue on the back of five sticks. Sandwich a piece of string

between a glued stick and an unglued stick; clip them with clothespins to hold the glue securely. Let dry.

Run glue along an unpainted craft stick, lay it horizontally and stick on the five strings as shown (don’t let

the sticks hang too low or they’ll tangle in the wind). Top with another unpainted stick and add

clothespins to hold the glue securely. Once dry, tie the strings together and cut off the excess.

Hang outdoors and let the wind do its work.

(Optional: Once dried, decorate the popsicles sticks with paint, glitter and stickers.)


The Worst Places to Place A Wind Chime!

I often write this blog with advice on how to relax or where to place wind chimes. I received a question this week about where not to place a wind chime. This is interesting because I often don’t focus on what not to do. This said, today’s blog post is dedicated to places in your home that shouldn’t be decorated with a wind chime.

  1. The southeast corner of the kitchen. Some cultures believe the southeast corner of a kitchen is a sacred space and should only be reserved for spices and salt. They also believe placing anything, including a wind chime, in this corner will result in the loss of something important.
  2. The hallway. It is an odd location for a wind chime, but the Ukrainians believe the placement of a wind chime in a hallway means instability within the home. Nothing will ever come together quite right in the home where a wind chime can be found in the hall way.
  3. Over still water. Yes, if you have an outdoor pond that is primarily still (no fish, no wind, etc.) then a wind chime shouldn’t be placed over it as it can be considered an omen of death. It is OK to place a wind chime over moving water, but make sure they are never hung above still water.

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Stephen Betzen of

3 Benefits of Wind Chimes

Sure, we are going to promote buying wind chimes on our wind chime company’s blog. This is pretty obvious, right? Right! However, as much as we want your business, if you already have wind chimes and aren’t looking for a new set- please still read on. You see, there are many benefits of having a set of wind chimes and we are more about education than profit!

Wind chimes reduce stress and promote relaxation and calmness. The sounds are considered to have a healing effect on body and mind. They relieve fatigue and encourage listening, creativity and upbeat feelings. The tones that reverberate through the chimes are believed to unblock emotional stress and bring a feeling of inner peace and conscious awareness.

Wind chimes make beautiful garden décor. The sounds created by wind chimes lure visitors to the garden and sooth them during their visit! Your garden will always look and sound beautiful when you incorporate wind chimes.

Create positive energy! Yes, wind chimes are said to carry the spirits of the dead and ward off evil. If you believe this is possible, then wind chimes will help bless your home with positive energy and ward off negative thoughts or occurrences (yes, many of our customers are believers).

Wind chimes create musical and visual hypotonic states of being.  They can lower blood pressure, relieve stress and promote beauty without effort. They also make for wonderful gifts!

Until next time,

Stephen Betzen of

Recycling Tips via

Most people know our American-made wind chimes are also sourced in the USA. They are designed to last a lifetime and made out of products that can be recycled.  Preserving the environment is extremely important to the company.  It is our job to take care of the planet and be responsible with any endeavors we’re charged with, from owning a business and creating earth-friendly products to ensuring coffee cups are tossed in the recycling bin when we’re done with our morning beverages.

It occurred to us that not everyone is aware of the top three things to recycle, which is why we here at are listing them below.

  1. All Office Depot, Staples, and Best Buy stores accept larger electronics like desktop computers for recycling for a small fee and smaller ones like cell phones and PDAs for free. Goodwill stores accept used computer equipment (some locations also accept televisions) for free. They will help you recycle or resell the products.  The Environment Protection Agency says recycling a single computer saves 1.35 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from being released into the atmosphere. So, instead of chucking your old electronics to make room for your upgrades, recycle them or give them to Goodwill to resell them. ** Your donation to Goodwill IS tax deductible.
  2. Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs use 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs, but they contain a small amount of mercury and shouldn’t be thrown in the trash. CFLs in landfills can break and release mercury, a neurotoxin, into the environment. Don’t toss the bulbs, however, into the glass recycling bin. Instead, drop them off at Home Depot- they have a program to accept these bulbs.
  3. Plastic bags. If you  are not using the mesh reuseable shopping bags by now, at least recycle your plastic bags. Many grocery stores are offering recycling bins rights at the front of the store. So, unload your groceries and reload the used bags into your car. This makes it easier to bring them back for recycling on your next trip! Plastic bags are made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource, and when thrown away they take a very long time to decompose. Recyclers will turn them into new products like plastic lumber.

Happy Recycling!

The Wellness Wind Chime

We here at recently read a fan email about the wellness wind chime. Curious, we decided to do some investigating.  The wellness wind chime can be made from any wind chime, rather- you can turn any wind chime into a wellness wind chime. Here’s how;

First, hang the wind chime in the north east corner of your living room.

Next,  chant the phrase “peace, love, harmony, wealth” for ten minutes straight.

Next, chant the phrase “health, happiness, harmony” for another ten minutes.

Do this daily, Monday through Sunday, for a month straight.  This is twenty minutes of your life well worth investing in creating a more peaceful and healthy environment for yourself.

On day thirty one, take the wind chime down and then hang it outside your house- right above the front door.  You then want to go inside and grate the zest of a lemon into a warm bath.  Soak in the bath for a half of an hour thinking only of your past month with the wind chime.

Many people swear this interesting take on wellness really works. So, if you are battling emotional or physical issues, it is worth a try. The procedure may not be a cure, but at the very least it will relax you.

Stephen Betzen, Eco Wind Chimes

Our Top 5 Best-Selling Wind Chimes (

Happy Memorial Day! We were recently asked what our top three selling wind chimes are. Well, they vary by season but it was a great question. This question is the inspiration for today’s blog post and we were publishing our top 5 best-selling wind chimes of all time.

#1 Little Gracenotes Earthsong Black Wind Chimes: The Eastern-influenced melody of this little black wind chime will invite you to pause at the end of a busy day, to appreciate the little blessings in our lives.

#2. Medium Autumn Malkaus Wind Chime.  Fabien’s Autumn Malkaus chime harmonizes the element of metal, which empowers the lungs, according to principles of Chinese Medicine. This chime includes an engraved windplate with the phrase “Feel the light and compassion of autumn”.

#3.  Earthsong Slate Wind Chimes. This scale is a fitting match for the natural slate used in this chime. This little chime sings a beautiful melody that combines intonations from the East and West.

#4.  Soprano Gypsy Windchimes. Made by Music of the Spheres using only the finest harmonic aluminum tubing, this wind chime is destined to hold a special place in your heart for years to come.

#5.  Westminster Wind Chime. Pealing the familiar tones of London’s “Big Ben”, this chime emulates the rich harmonics of cathedral bells.







Bath Salts 101 by


We here at love the thought of relaxation. Positive energy and being calm and quiet is exactly what we are all about.

One way you can relax, however, without wind chimes is in a nice warm bath with great smelling bath salts.  We are all about providing free, eco-friendly DIY projects on our blog, which is why we are using today’s post to help our fans and customers develop and relax in their own bath salt creations.

The most relaxing and beneficial to the skin recipe we have is our Oatmeal Lavender bath salts. To make, you simply have to mix a combination of the soothing natural (not instant) oatmeal (about a two cups) with 2 cups of Epsom salt and a drop of lavender essential oil. Now, if you don’t like lavender you can certainly use whatever scent you like.

Not a fan of oatmeal baths? It’s OK.  You can use the same combination of ingredients minus the oatmeal.  Oatmeal soothes the skin and helps with dry skin but isn’t needed to make bath salts. Regardless if you do or do not use the oatmeal, place three to four tablespoons of the bath salts under hot bathwater (about half way full) and then let the bath finish filling.  Don’t get into the bathtub until it is full with water and the salts have partially dissolved.

Until next time,

Stephen Betzen with EcoWindChimes