Legendary Wind Chimes


In Feng Shui, wind chimes are believed to bless your home with prosperity and happiness. Hanging a set by your front door is said to bring  good energy every time the wind blows. But did you know that wind chimes are often used in white Wicca ceremonies? Yep, it is true!

Yes, there is one ceremony, called the Peace Ceremony, that white witches use to infuse their homes with harmony 24/7. How do you do this?  Well, you can use any of our wind chimes (or home made wind chimes) and incorporate the directions below during your ceremony.

1. Get your wind chimes out and hang them above the inside of your front door.

2.  Light a white candle at 8 pm on a Saturday night.

3. Repeat the following phrase, “Peace to the east, peace to the west, quite to the north, quite to the south, may no trials or tribulations enter this house.”

4. Leave the wind chimes up for a total of 8 days and then move them to the front, outside of your home.

That’s it!

Until next time,

Stephen Betzen of EcoWindChimes.com



Scary Halloween Wind Chimes

Hi All,

Today, I want to dedicate my blog post to scary, Halloween-themed wind chimes. Sure, I could recommend some of my products at EcoWindChimes.com to you for Halloween, but the truth is that we don’t sell novelty wind chimes. I sell wind chimes designed to last forever- or close to it.  This doesn’t mean I don’t live novelty wind chimes or holidays, in fact- I love them!

So, I spent the afternoon tracking down the best Halloween-themed wind chime photos to share with you. Some of wind chimes are purchased, others are made, but they are all very clever! Have your own Halloween-themed wind chime photo to share? Connect with me on Facebook and post the photo!

Stephen Betzen – photos below;

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How to Make “Wind Chime” Bath Salts

This might sound a little odd, but we promise you it will lead to the most relaxing bath experience ever!  If you make homemade bath salts and combine them with a wind chime over the bath tub- your energy will be realigned. So, if you are feeling a bit “out of whack”, try making the following bath salts. Then, pour in a 1/2 cup of the salts into a warm bath and soak under a wind chime.

To make:

1 cup  Sea Salt (Fine Grain)
4 ounces (1/2 cup) Grapeseed oil
2 ounces (1/4 cup) Avocado oil
20 drops essential oil – lavender or rosemary scented

Mix the ingredients together.  Let rest of one hour. Use!

Why Buy American-Made This Holiday Season

We here at EcoWindChimes.com only sell American-made and American-sourced products. We pride ourselves on this and the quality of the products we sell.  That’s why we want to dedicate today’s blog post to the top 5 reasons you should consider buying American products this holiday season.

1. No Western nation can ultimately compete on price with a country willing to massively exploit  its own people. When you buy only American-made products, you insist on a higher standard and fair wages.

2. The growing lack of USA’s ability to manufacture many products is strategically unsound. When you buy American-made goods, you foster American independence. We are no longer reliant upon competing countries.

3. Jobs shipped abroad almost never return. When you buy goods made in the USA, you help keep the American economy growing.

4. You support child labor laws when you buy American. When you buy American you support safe working conditions and child labor laws. Non-American made products exploit children in the production process.

5. When you choose products made in the USA, you contribute to the payment of an honest day’s wages for an honest day’s work.

We are hopeful you will decide to primarily buy American-made products this holiday season, including our wind chimes.

Until next time,

Stephen Betzen of EcoWindChimes.com

Popular Wind Chime Cures

Wind chimes can be a holistic cure for many scenarios within the home. This got us to thinking about other holistic and feng shui cures available for the home – or any type of space. Here we go;

First, wind chimes . Brass and copper wind chimes promote moving energy, perfect for placement in the front door of your home office.  If you feel an energy block anywhere in your home, hand a wind chime outside the entrance’s door frame.

Second, according to AboutHealing.com, “A running horse or charging chariot represents success or opportunity coming your way. It is important that you place the head of your horse entering your space and not leaving it.”

Third, bowls of fresh fruit represent the good life! As you eat your “wealth” , it is important to replenish the bowl. An empty fruit bowl reflects diminishing chi.

So, as you head into the weekend, make sure you have your wind chimes in the proper place, find a ceramic horse to draw in opportunity, and place plenty of fresh fruit in a bowl to help money and healthy chi come into your home!

Until next time,

Stephen Betzen


Top 3 Fall Wind Chime Products

I recently received a question on Twitter about our top products for fall. Well, they change every week but I can make a prediction based on our best-selling lines over the last couple of years.  So, here are the top 3 fall wind chime products I expect to be in demand for the next two months!

1. Large Winter Gunkali Wind Chimes



Fabian’s Winter Gunkali chime harmonizes the element of water, which empowers the kidneys, according to principles of Chinese Medicine. This chime includes an engraved windplate with the phrase “Feel the Peaceful Memory of Winter”.  This is on sale for $100 less than the SRP. You can buy it here: http://www.ecowindchimes.com/Large-Winter-Gunkali-Wind-Chimes-p/1lwin.htm

2. Soprano Gypsy Windchimes


Escape with a band of wandering gypsies and leave all your worries behind as you listen to the celestial tones produced by this Soprano Gypsy wind chime. Made by Music of the Spheres using only the finest harmonic aluminum tubing, this wind chime is destined to hold a special place in your heart for years to come. You can buy this wind chime for $15.00 less than the SRP. Here’s the link: http://www.ecowindchimes.com/Soprano-Gypsy-Windchimes-p/gs.htm

3. Tenor Japanese Windchime



Instantly transform your favorite outdoor space into a Far East retreat when you adorn it with this quality crafted Tenor Japanese wind chime by Music of the Spheres. Blending deep dramatic notes with sustained resonance, this impressive wind chime creates an air of tranquility that hypnotize listeners while easing away tension and stress.

Offered at $90 less than the SRP here: http://www.ecowindchimes.com/Tenor-Japanese-Windchime-p/jt.htm

Best Creepy Pasta Wind Chime Stories

We received an interesting request over the weekend. A loyal fan wanted to know if we knew about any famous wind chime hauntings. While we know certain cultures believe wind chimes can either call spirits into a house or draw them away from a house, we haven’t run across any ghostly wind chime stories….. That is, until we went to CreepyPasta.com!

We poured through the different tales on the website to pick the most compelling ghostly wind chime stories. We are repasting the links and summaries below.  Oh, and by the way, if you have a REAL haunted wind chime story- please share it!

Wish Upon A Poisionus Flower –  Talk about your grandmother’s haunted wind chimes! http://www.crappypasta.com/wish-upon-a-poisonous-flower

Daycare - The wind does blow heavy with the creepy kind….. http://www.creepypasta.com/daycare/

The Townhouse in Waterloo-  Miminmal wind chime mentions, but worth it. http://www.creepypasta.com/the-townhouse-in-waterloo/




Books About Wind Chimes

As we head into a long holiday weekend, I was thinking about picking up a good book. My friends often provide sale pitches on their current reads and I’m constantly looking to become more “well read”. The trouble is that I want diversity when I read. I think many people who read like to venture around the different writing genres. So, as I did my research for a quality weekend book, I came up with this one;

Wind Chime Cafe by Roberta Capizzi! http://www.amazon.com/Wind-Chime-Caf%C3%A9-Novel/dp/0615949258/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1409323782&sr=8-1&keywords=wind+chime+cafe

Isn’t this perfect! On Amazon, this book has a 5 star rating out of 120+ reviews. The description reads, “When single mother, Annie Malone, purchases a quirky Main Street café on Heron Island, she thinks she’s finally turned her dream of opening her own restaurant into a reality. Hearing rumors that a developer is about to build a five-star resort on the sleepy Chesapeake Bay island, she plans to transform the café into a premier upscale bistro.”

Now, this isn’t the typical “manly” book that would appeal to me- but it does evolve around a cafe with wind chimes. I am going to give this book a try, after all- it involves the products my business sells.  In the meantime, if you are inspired by this book and looking to add more wind chimes into your life, cafe, or garden- click here!

Stephen Betzen of EcoWindChimes.com

Are Wind Chimes Evil?

I was doing a little history homework on wind chimes and came across something interesting. Did you know at one point in China’s history that wind chimes were considered a tool for those who dabbled in the sinister arts?

In South East Asia remains of wind chimes made from bone, wood, bamboo and shells were found about 3000 BC. Chimes were thought to ward off evil spirits. 7,000 years later, the ward off part went away and many people used wind chimes to warn of weather issues or as a way to lure the pure of heart to a house of horrors.

While we know in modern times that wind chimes have nothing to do with evil practices, the Asians didn’t believe this back then. In fact, they would use wind chimes, in place of candles, to start ceremonies or séances!

The ironic part of the history of wind chimes is how the played a role in many religious ceremonies. And, in addition to religious ceremonies throughout the world, highly skilled metal workers created the forefather of the wind chime, a clapper-less bell called yong-zhong, which was used as an accompaniment for religious ceremonies in- where else- Asia! Isn’t history funny?

Today, wind chimes are still said to ward off evil spirits. They aren’t used in religious ceremonies as much as years’ past and, according to research, are hardly ever used in black magic practices. So, the next time you are hanging up one of EcoWIndChimes.com’s products, think about history. That wind chime was once feared, embraced, feared again, embraced again, and then become something that soothes the soul both from a decorative standpoint and audio stand point.

Stephen Betzen, EcoWindChimes.com


Candles and Wind Chimes


I read an article recently discussing how candles and wind chimes go hand-in-hand. I was a bit puzzled because I have never heard this before. I looked into the history of this statement and discovered that many people use both candles and wind chimes as part of Cajun séances. WOW!

Regardless of the reason(s) you may want to set up a candle near your Eco Wind Chimes, I figured I would share an easy-to-follow candle making recipe.

What’s Needed:

A heat source like a hot plate or electric stove

A “double boiler” set up – a large, low pot for boiling water, with an old coffee can set inside it to melt the wax, will do just fine – or a more formal candle wax melting pot

Some wax appropriate for the type of candle you want to make

A wick appropriate for that wax

A mold or container to hold the melted wax

Fragrance or color for the candle, if desired

A match to light it when it’s done

You can choose from various types of candles,  and you’ll need to choose the appropriate wax and wick for your project. You can personalize your candle even further by choosing a fragrance or essential oil to scent your candle.  There are tons of candle-friendly supply websites online to pick out your supplies.

Once you obtain your safe candle making supplies, simply melt the wax, mix in a bit of oil, pour the hot way into the mold, Inset the wick, and then let everything setup for a few hours.  That’s it.

Until next time,

Stephen Betzen of EcoWindChimes.com