The History of Wind Chimes

Wind chimes have long been used as decorative musical pieces, but what you might not know about wind chimes is their long history. The use of wind chimes has expanded over various continents and cultures, and once were used as a musical instrument. 

The First use of Wind Chimes

Wind chimes were first used more than 5,000 years ago. Chimes were first used in Southeast Asia and were constructed of either bamboo, wood or stone. At this time, wind chimes were used to eliminate evil spirits. Around 3,000 years ago, wind chimes were used in farms to scare off animals and birds that threatened the crops. Later, ancient Egyptians began using the wind chimes, which were then  being set in bronze and used to decorate.

The Chinese began using wind chimes in about 1100 BC. The chimes were created by skilled metal workers and used a bell called the yong zhong. Next, Chinese developed the wind bell, which at the time was known as a feng ling. Chinese would hang the wind chimes from temples and shrines and considered them to be religious instruments that would repel ghosts and demons and control evil spirits.

Wind Chimes in the Western World

The use of the wind chime spread to the western world during the 1800s. At this time, it was believed that the sounds of the particular chime could cause a change in the energy of an individual, thus affecting their mood and creating a more lively space for all.

Today wind chimes are not used to cast away spirits or demons, but thousands of people love to hang them around the home, both inside and out. It is nice to know the long history of the wind chime, however, as well as how they first began.



Decorating your Home with Wind Chimes

Adding style and charm to the outside of your home, the patio, or garden area is simple when wind chimes are the selected decorative piece. There are many different styles of wind chimes, as well as those that come in many different prices, shapes, and sizes. No matter where you live or the look that you want to create, a wind chime adds the perfect complement to your exterior.
The first step in decorating with wind chimes is to choose the type of chime that you want. The different types of wind chimes create different levels of music, thus you should always choose something that is flattering to your ears. Also choose a theme for your wind chimes, which should be used throughout your decorating area.
Once you have chosen the wind chime style and type that you will use, the next step is to choose the best area to place those wind chimes. It is essential that they are placed in an area where the wind will be able to gently tousle the strings, yet safe from strong winds that can damage the chimes.
If you want to create even greater sound, placing two sets of chimes underneath one another is a great trick that really works. To make this work, choose a high tone of chimes with a deeper tone placed underneath. The sound that is produced is one that you will absolutely love to hear!
Although intended for outdoor use, many people are bringing the beauty of the wind chime indoors as well. You can easily add accent to your bedroom, living area or other room in the house with the placement of a wind chime; however, you are likely to miss out on the beautiful sounds produced unless they are strategically placed so that a ceiling fan or other area jolts the chimes.


Types of Wind Chimes

There are few people who do not love the musical beauty of a wind chime. They have long been used on porches, patios, and in the garden. If you are in the market to add special character to one of these areas of your home, it is important to first learn the different types of chimes which you can purchase.
Although the basic components of a wind chime is the same with all types – they have a hanger, a header and strands that bring the décor and music to the piece- there are many differences that exist between each type as well.
Pipe wind chimes are popular. These chimes have various thickness levels and can produce a number of different tones, depending upon the type of pipe material. Many pipe wind chimes produce a crisp, deep sound.
Bamboo wind chimes are constructed from dried bamboo stalk. The stalks are typically between ½ inch and two inches in diameter, but the length varies. The bamboo wind chime produces a softer sound than a pipe wind chime, and when clanged together, they produce a sound similar to a bell.
The classic wind chime is what you see on most front porches. These chimes make a beautiful sound when the wind blows them together. These wind chimes are constructed of computerized tuned materials and are typically the cheapest to purchase.
Harmony wind chimes are made of steel wires and aluminum rods. These chimes are smaller than most of the other chimes, but they produce one of the most pleasing sounds that you will ever hear, hence their name ‘harmony.’
Woodstock wind chimes are another popular type of chimes. These wind chimes are made from the best materials, such as steel and aluminum. Man people use Woodstock wind chimes to decorate around the home.
If you are ready to decorate your home with wind chimes, the above types are the most popular choices that you can buy.

3 Ideas for Wind Chime Placement

Everyone thinks that wind chimes belong outside, but some people know that wind chimes also look beautiful inside. Regardless if you’re a realist or a dreamer, our team came up with some amazing spots to hang your wind chimes that promise to be conversation starters.

1. Near the air vent in the family room. This technique offers a certain charm to quite reading or mediation sessions within the home. Plus, it can help (at least some believe) to ward off evil spirits.

2. In a walk-in closet. Now, some may think “but no one will see them.” Well, this is the point. The wind chimes in your walk-in closet are really an energy pull between you and the chimes. It is like a secret relationship between you and the chimes. I tell anyone who does this to put the chimes up with an intention, like “weight loss” or “better job.” This way, every time you see the chime- you’re reminded of the intention and the energy will pull you closer to achieving it.!

3. On the inside of a sun porch. I hate to say it, but sun porches are primarily used when it is too hot or too cold to actually go outside. So, why not bring the elements inside?! As a decorative piece, wind chimes offer a bridge between the outdoors and indoors to a sun porch. Plus, you can always put a fan under them to make them ring and cool off the porch.

Until next time,

Stephen Betzen of

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Beat Black Friday 2014 with this Wind Chime Gift


Yes, you can beat the Black Friday 2014 crowd by shopping for unisex and quality-made gifts on this weekend. All of our American-made and sourced products are on sale and we are offering free shipping on all orders over $150 and free engraving services for Veterans.

Today’s featured holiday gifting product is the Petite Sunrise Serenade Wind Chime by Grace Notes Wind Chimes. You can listen to the chime by clicking here:

This wind chime is over 4 ft long and sounds like church. Plus, it is on sale right now for $40 less than the suggested retail price! Described as, “Bless your favorite outdoor space with sounds evoking the mellow ringing of church bells using this Petite Sunrise Serenade wind chime. Hand crafted using only the finest harmonically tuned aluminum tubing, this sensational wind chime will help soothe away your stress and bring you unparalleled happiness for many years to come,” this wind chime makes the perfect gift for a newly married couple or for a family who recently purchased a new home!

The church chimes have an F-minor tone and engraving options are available.

Featured Wind Chime Product – Slate Wind Chimes

For the 2014 holiday shopping season, our blog is going to feature some of our best-loved wind chimes. Today, I am starting the best-loved series with the Black Earthsong Slate Wind Chimes by Grace Notes Wind Chimes.

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This particular wind chime sells on our website,, for less than $49- which is $14 below the SRP. The slate wind chimes arrive in an E minor chord and are almost 2 feet in length. These wind chimes also come with a one-year warranty to ensure buyer satisfaction.

As described on our website, “This black slate chime features a pentatonic scale of ancient origin, similar to our larger Earthsong wind chimes This ancient scale is a fitting match for the natural slate used in this chime. This little chime sings a beautiful melody that combines intonations from the East and West. The slate top hanger, striker, and wind plate.”

The Black Earthsong Slate Wind Chimes  are one of our most popular wind chime products because they accommodate any type of decor needs. This wind chime is also fashionably petite and its Asian-inspired chime offers a unisex tone. Engraving options are also available and the option is always free for Veterans.

Regardless if you are buying this wind chime for yourself, or your family, this holiday season- you will enjoy its flavor all year long. If you don’t know by now, Grace Notes Wind Chimes offers quality wind chime products. We are able to sell the well-respected brand on our website way below the SRP thanks to a unique relationship that we have with the company. The quality of the wind chimes is not sacrificed because the price is so affordable.

Still have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team before you make your purchase. We want your business, but we want to answer any questions before you buy. To listen to the wind chime yourself, please click here!


Wind Chimes from Antiques

We would love to have everyone who reads this blog buy a set (or two) of our This said, we know many people this year are going to be all about the homemade Christmas gift- which is great.

One of the more popular questions we receive on social media deals with upcycling and saving money when creating wind chimes. In the past, this blog discussed how to make your own wind chimes out of yarn and bottle caps, wine bottles, and even canned food containers. Today, however, we are getting a little more vintage and a little more personal. Today, we’re going to teach you how to make wind chimes from vintage silverware.

First, you don’t need to use your own silverware. If you have heirloom pieces at home, skip using them as your wind chime stems. Instead, you can pick up extra silverware at yard sales or on eBay.

Here’s what you need for this project;

Random pieces of silverware including spoons and forks

Thin wire, thread, or  fishing wire

Needle nose pliers (the hardware kind)

Flat nose pliers (the hardware kind)

Optional: beads and pearls for decoration (for the holidays, green and red are ideal)

To make:

Choose a nice big fork to function as the main ‘hanger’. With the flat nose pliers, bend the tines. First to the front, back, front and back and then bend the two outers ones to the side. Proceed gently and keep moving the pliers up and down along the tine so it won’t break. Then with the needle nose pliers bend the tips upwards.

Next, start drilling. Punching a little dent first will help to prevent the drill from slipping. Remember to use an iron drill bit.  If the edges of your holes are very rough, sand them smooth. Next, let the assembling begin.

Add any embellishments in any color setting you like. To do this, basically tie a knot through and around any embellishments and then run one of the loose ends through the hoop twice and then tie another knot. This should secure it, but for extra safety you can put a little glue on the knot too.

Finally, assemble all the pieces together to shape your wind chimes. Make sure to choose a nice spot for it and try to take non-blurry pictures while it dangles and tingles in the wind.

Be sure to post your photos of your vintage silverware wind chimes and tag us in them!

2014 Cyber Monday Wind Chime Gifts!

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Small Himalayan Echo Wind Chime – $25 off retail right now.

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Tenor Quartal Wind Chimes – $90 off retail right now.

“Intensify your outdoor pleasure with subtle and serene melodies produced by this hypnotic Tenor Quartal wind chime. The scale of this hand crafted Music of the Spheres wind chime has been emulated and revered by American composers for over a century and is sure to delight.”

In case you are new to the brand, our company was was launched in 2005. The company is run by myself and my wife. All of our products are American-made and sourced.  We are dedicated to providing high-quality wind chimes created with skilled workmanship, implementing affordability, and purposeful retail.

All this said, last year the media said if every holiday shopper spent $64 each on American-made products, we could eliminate unemployment all together. And yet, this didn’t happen. Why? We need to ban together and support American-made products and keep jobs here in the USA so we can be self-sufficient. Even if you don’t buy one of our products, please consider the $64 (or more) rule when you do your shopping this holiday season.

Until next blog post,

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Wind Chimes and Healing

There is something to be said for the healing touch of another human being. Nurses often practice touch medicine, holding hands with elderly or dying patients.  People get massages because they offer holistic help to the mind and body.  But did you know that wind chimes can provide the same thing?

Wind chimes relax the mind. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, aching bones, or even Multiple Sclerosis – wind chimes can help your mind and body in several different ways. The chimes offer a relaxing impact to all nearby regardless of health aliment or not. Some people even play wind chime music at work to help them pass the time, stay calm, and focus.

Below are a few of our recommend products that we sell at to provide extra-relaxation for mental clarity and relaxation, all though any of our products will provide the same benefits.

1. Small Earthsong Wind Chime

2. Alto Pentatonic Windchime

Until next time,

Stephen Betzen