Wind Chimes; A Very Popular Feng Shui Cure

Yes, wind chimes are considered a cure or medicine in several cultures.  In fact, many people think of wind chimes as a part of the healing process versus a simple, relaxing décor item.

What about wind chimes and feng shui cures? Any feng shui cure should keep in mind to not to weaken or damage the main element of a bagua an area.

Any wind chime can be used to promote healing. However, many feng shui designed wind chimes come with traditional symbols, such as a feng shui Chi Lin wind chime for protection or the Mystic Knot wind chime for abundant energy. We here at sell chakra wind chimes, which is a bit along the same mindful method.

When using a chime as a feng shui cure, attention needs to be  paid to the numbers of the rods/bells. Numbers 6 and 8 are the most popular numbers of bells in a wind chime in order to increase the beneficial energy; while 5 is considered best when you want to suppress bad energy.

You don’t have to be a feng shui expert to promote wellness or healing energy. Simple meditation alongside a beautiful toned wind chime works well, too.

Our Most Popular Wind Chime Products!

We have received several questions on the best products to buy online for Mother’s Day. Well, any and all of our products are great. However, we do have three best sellers around Mother’s Day. To help you select your perfect gift for mom, I’m listing our company’s best-selling Mother’s Day gifts.

The #3 best-selling wind chime on is the Mezzo-Soprano Balinese Wind Chimes.  We sell this wind chime product $15 dollars below the suggested retail price on our website.  Here is the link to the product:

About the Mezzo-Soprano Balinese Wind Chimes: Hand crafted by Music of the Spheres and tuned to capture the unique sounds of Indonesian culture, this exquisite wind chime will help you create a Far East escape in the comfort of your back yard.

The #2 best-selling wind chimes on is the Little Gracenotes Himalayan Echo Wind Chimes. We sell this wind chime product for close to $20 dollars below the suggested retail price on our website. Here is the link to the product:

About the Little Gracenotes Himalayan Echo Wind Chimes: This windchime has both a soothing and invigorating quality, and like our other chimes is hand-tuned and always plays a lovely melody. Welcome the morning and coming new day with the soft tinkling music of this windchime.

Our #1 best-selling wind chime on is the Small Chakra Wind Chime. We sell this wind chime product for under $200 dollars. You can buy this product by clicking here:

About the Little Gracenotes Himalayan Echo Wind Chimes. There are several chakras in the subtle body, but there are 7 main charkas. Their location corresponds to the human spine starting at the base of the spine and running to the crown of the head. Each of the 7 main chakras correspond to the seven notes on a musical scale (CDEFGAB). And each chakra also has a corresponding color (seven colors of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). Colors, like sound/vibration, can have an impact on our body’s energies. They can help to clear negative emotions and energy and restore balance.

So, you see, we have amazing products and a variety of different products. Still can’t decide which one to buy for mom? Call us! We are always happy to help.

Stephen Betzen, Owner of


Wind Chime Lawsuit

There sure are some angry people in the world, right?! We recently posted a story about two neighbors in California suing one another over wind chimes. What is the world coming to? I decided to Google the phrase “wind chime lawsuit” and the results were shocking. Apparently this happens more than you think!

After my Google search, I came across over 60,200 links dedicated to multiple lawsuits over wind chimes? I can’t understand why. Wind chimes certainly don’t come close to reaching the decimal breaking point for the ears. In fact, most wind chimes serve a relaxing purpose. So, why are so many neighbors up in arms and up at night?

If you have a crabby neighbor, you may want to run the same Google search I performed. To avoid these issues, you can either talk to the neighbor before you hang the wind chimes or set a time every time you will take the wind chimes down.  I know one person who only makes it appoint to take his wind chimes down when the wind forecast is going to be high.

While it is sad that not everyone enjoys wind chimes, it happens. Make a plan to ensure the right to peace is instilled for both you and your neighbors and try to live in harmony.

Stephen Betzen

Eco Wind Chimes Offering Free Shipping for Easter 2014!


Eco Wind Chimes is based in Texas but sells all of its products as an online business. The company sells two primary lines of American-made and sourced wind chimes. Additionally, the company sells plaque slates that can be used in a garden or hung on a wall. Not only are all of Eco Wind Chimes’ products made and sourced in the USA, the company will engrave any and all of its products with a special message.

“Easter is a month away from today. There is plenty of time to order the perfect gift for your family members. We are offering the free shipping on orders exceeding $150 dollars to allow someone to order multiple products if they have a large family and/or friends network,” said Stephen Betzen of Eco Wind Chimes. “We also provide engraving services that are affordable. Veterans always receive free engraving services, too!”

Eco Wind Chimes has a variety of spring-like colored wind chimes as well as other chimes that offer a more subtle appearance.  Customers may shop at by sound, size, brand or price. Eco Wind Chimes sells Music of the Spheres and Grace Notes wind chime products at affordable prices. All the wind chimes sold on the company’s website are designed to withstand weather and last for years.

Kiva and Eco Wind Chimes

We have received many questions about our involvement with Kiva. Well,  our involvement is pure and simple; we are involved! Our company has always been about doing the right thing regardless if it is for the environment or people thousands of miles away in need of someone who can and will believe in them!

The majority of our profits are donated to Kiva. We have received amazing gratitude and response to our Kiva campaign. Here is our official Kiva page:

What we here love about Kiva is it is an opportunity, not a hand out. Can we or you get burned? Sure, but that rarely happens. You often are paid back and you are investing in someone that hasn’t had the same opportunities as many of us who live here in America.

We are committed to making the world a better place to live. We know our customers are, too.  If you are just as inspired as us then start a team today! Even HP donates to Kiva, almost close to a million dollars!

Native American Blessings and Windchimes


We here at Eco Wind Chimes love reading your emails and stories about how special our products are to you. We recently received a very nice letter from a lady who performed a Native American blessing on her wind chimes. She said every time the chimes chime- she knows the blessing is spreading into the air and among her neighbors. What a nice thought. For those of you who are interested in this tradition, the blessing is below.

Earth teach me stillness

as the grasses are stilled with light.

Earth teach me suffering

as old stones suffer with memory.

Earth teach me humility

as blossoms are humble with beginning.

Earth Teach me caring

as the mother who secures her young.

Earth teach me courage

as the tree which stands alone.

Earth teach me limitation

as the ant which crawls on the ground.

Earth teach me freedom

as the eagle which soars in the sky.

Earth teach me resignation

as the leaves which die in the fall.

Earth teach me regeneration

as the seed which rises in the spring.

Earth teach me to forget myself

as melted snow forgets its life.

Earth teach me to remember kindness

as dry fields weep in the rain.

Caring for your Grace Notes Windchimes.

The windchimes we sell our designed to last a lifetime. However, that doesn’t mean a little TLC isn’t needed every once in a while.  Below are our tips to caring for and maintaining your Grace Notes Windchimes sold by Eco Wind Chimes.

Grace Note Tuned Wind Chimes are intended for outdoor use and will provide years of enjoyment with little or no maintenance.  All chimes now feature recycled  composite lumber strikers. Composite lumber is not only environmentally friendly it also creates a softer contact sound when applied to wind chime tubing.

To clean, simply use a non-scouring pad and wipe with plain water. No chemicals or polishes are needed to reboot shine and cosmetic appeal. There is no need to worry about damage, as the products will not break under normal conditions.

If you do come into harsh weather or an accident that causes damage to your Grace Notes Windchimes, contact us. We can offer you resources to alleviate the situation at hand.

Remember, we sell eco-friendly windchimes designed to help you relax. You will not have to spend hours dedicated to the care of your windchimes, instead- simply enjoy them!

Eco Wind Chimes

Why Buy Wind Chimes Online?

One of the many questions we receive is in regards to saving money when purchasing wind chimes. Is it actually possible to save money online when fine wind chimes? The answer simply is yes! When you buy wind chimes at a retail location, they are marked up because you have to cover employees, rants, and utilities. All those costs are factored into the price of products when sold at physical retail stores. Even the cost of that impact every consumer. When you buy online, the retailer does not have these factors to consider.

When you go on to our website you will notice the suggested retail price from our vendors and the price we are actually selling each wind chimes four. We are able to sell these wind chimes at low prices because we do not have a retail location, employees, the possibility of theft, utilities, or other business related expenses. Additionally, we don’t have to sacrifice quality over quantity. We are able to sell American – made an American – sourced wind chimes at affordable prices.

Even better – we offer free shipping and handling for all purchase over $150. If you’re a veteran, you will always receive free engraving services as our way of saying “thank you”.

Eco Wind Chimes

Different placements for your wind chimes.

Traditionally, we consider putting wind chimes outside. There are many different ways to utilize windchimes, just like there are many different rooms in place when chimes to feature their beauty. Some people like to place their windchimes in the bathroom on Charlie’s. The purpose served is to bring a chime when someone is entering or exiting the shower as well as create a unique focal point. Other people like to place windchimes over a four-year threshold for luck. No matter where you place windchimes in your home, they will always act as a constant reminder of internal peace.

Some other unique ways the place wind chimes around inside of your home are as follows; in the kitchen – as a weight loss tool, you could place the wind chimes over a cabinet that may contain goodies so when the cabinet is opened the chime alert everyone in the home to your; in the dining room – facing the wind chimes over or attached to a ceiling fan above the table creates a further sense of height and a lovely conversation piece to get dinner guests acquainted with one another; in the living room – if you place the wind chimes close to or even hooked upon a heating or air conditioning vent then there will be a flowing, yet simple reminder of the beautiful music achieved by owning a wind chimes.

We here at  Eco Wind Chimes love to receive photos of you uniquely placed wind chimes. So, like us on Facebook and send in photos of your uniquely  placed windchimes.

Five ways to decorate your home for spring.

We here at Eco Wind Chimes would like to talk about the five trends for spring 2014 decorating. While we know you would utilize our wind chimes both indoors and outdoors, there are some spring decorating trends we would like to share with you.

1.Citrus colors; the biggest trend for spring decorating 2014 is incorporating citrus-based colors. Oranges, bright pinks, warm yellows, and golden tones are big accent colors for the spring season. While you may want to choose a new fabric or paint to meet this trend, we also offer wind chimes in these color tones.

2.Floral fabric; many people are expected to spice up their headboards by adding a floral fabric accent. The simple addition of a yard of floral fabric incorporated into, or easily placed upon, a headboard is another way to prepare your home.

3.Peel and stick wallpapers; peel and stick wallpaper allows you to decorate for spring 2014 without a year-long commitment. Popular patterns include brightly colored florals, textured solid colors, or bright white stencils that offset a wall.

4.Yellow picture frames; citrus colors are big for spring 2014. If you don’t want to commit to an orange or yellow wall try adding yellow picture frames to your existing photos. This will add a spring – like feel to your home.

5.Simple centerpieces; the trend for floral centerpieces in spring of 2014 is to eliminate the floral force. Bright green shrubbery utilized in a circular glass base is going to be the biggest trend 2014. Because many fabrics will utilize floral elements, as well as wallpapers, playing centerpieces must offset this trend. The good news is, while the centerpieces may not contain floral accents themselves, they are fairly inexpensive and you may be able to put more than one on the table.