Black Little Gracenotes Himalayan Echo Windchimes
Black Little Gracenotes Himalayan Echo Windchimes
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Black Little Gracenotes Himalayan Echo Windchimes



This Black Little Grace Note Himalayan Echo chime is reminiscent of misty mountain mornings and delightful to listen to.

Chord: B Minor 5/6/9
Tube Diameter: 7/16″
Overall Length: 23″

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This Black Little Grace Note Himalayan Echo chime is reminiscent of misty mountain mornings and delightful to listen to. This wind chime has both a soothing and invigorating quality, and like our other chimes is hand-tuned and always plays a lovely melody. The tubes are anodized black aluminum. Welcome the morning and coming new day with the soft tinkling music of this Black Himalayan Echo wind chime

Little Grace Notes 23″ WindchimeLittle Grace Note windchimes

Little GraceNotes windchimes are the smallest of our “small windchimes”. They create a soft melody in the lightest breeze.  Hand-tuned, Little Grace Notes are guaranteed to sing a lovely tinkling on their own, or will harmonize nicely with other larger chimes.  All Grace Note windchimes are tuned to the key of C, and the Little Grace Note is a perfect addition to hang alongside any of Grace Note’s medium or large windchimes.  These little windchimes come with a 10 year warranty against breakage.



Grase Note Windchimes

Made with Loving Hands in the United States of America

All windchimes sold by us are Made in the USA. Stephen and Rachel Betzen (owners of Ecology Shops Inc.) have visited the all the US manufactures we work with. We visited Grace Note Wind Chimes in April of 2014 and hope to visit them again soon. They are located in Mariposa, California “just around the corner” to the entrance to Yosemite National Park. If you are ever in the neighborhood seeing this national treasure, you might want to drive by and see their little storefront in town and see these windchimes in person.


Ocellate Gall Midge with Windchimes

Some amazing things in life are little. These beautiful bright red little spots on this maple leaf are called galls. They are created by gall midges to survive (food and shelter) till they metamorphize into their adult form, which is a small midge fly.  Acericecis ocellaris, known generally as ocellate gall midge, is a species of gall midges in the family Cecidomyiidae. Other common names include the maple eyespot gall and maple leaf spot gall.  Cecidomyiidae is a family of  little flies known as gall midges or gall gnats. As the name implies, the larvae of most gall midges feed within plant tissue, creating abnormal plant growths called galls. Cecidomyiidae are very fragile little insects usually only 2–3 mm (0.079–0.118 in) in length; many are less than 1 mm (0.039 in) long.

So this is really looking at the little home of a larval midge fly…. Perhaps it would like some little windchimes to hang near its home.

Image taken 2016-05-18 in Grassy Gap (Nantahala National Forest) Ocellate Gall Midge

Learn more about this Observation on

1 review for Black Little Gracenotes Himalayan Echo Windchimes

  1. Bob

    Bought 2 of the Black Little Gracenotes Himalayan Echoes as gifts and recipients were elated. One was for a 67th wedding anniversary and the other for a parent’s passing. We utilized the engraving option as a lasting reminder. The quality was quite good and the sustain was impressive for the size. Shipping and communication couldn’t have been better, almost too fast!For me, wind chimes are a lasting reminder, therefore better than flowers. I can say that each time ours chime I remember our amazing aunt. We thank the folks at for a positive experience.

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