Little Gracenotes Himalayan Echo Wind Chimes
Little Gracenotes Himalayan Echo Wind Chimes
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Little Gracenotes Himalayan Echo Wind Chimes



Reminiscent of misty mountain mornings, this Little GraceNote Himalayan Echo windchime is delightful to listen to. This windchime has both a soothing and invigorating quality, and like our other chimes is hand-tuned and always plays a lovely melody.

Chord: B Minor 5/6/9
Tube Diameter: 7/16″
Overall Length: 23″

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Reminiscent of misty mountain mornings, the Little GraceNote Himalayan Echo wind chimes is delightful to listen to. These wind chimes have both a soothing and invigorating quality. Like our other chimes it is hand-tuned and always plays a lovely melody. Welcome the morning and coming new day with the soft tinkling music of this wind chime.

Little Grace Notes 23″ Wind chimeLittle Grace Note windchimes

Little Grace Notes wind chimes are the smallest of our “small wind chimes”. They create a soft melody in the lightest breeze.  Hand-tuned, Little Grace Notes are guaranteed to sing a lovely tinkling on their own, or will harmonize nicely with other larger chimes.  All Grace Note wind chimes are tuned to the key of C, and the Little Grace Note is a perfect addition to hang alongside any of Grace Note’s medium or large wind chime.  This little wind chime comes with a 10 year warranty against breakage.



Grase Note Windchimes

Made with Loving Hands in the United States of America

All wind chimes sold by us are Made in the USA. We have visited the all the US manufactures we work with. We visited Grace Note Wind Chimes in April of 2014 and hope to visit them again soon. They are located in Mariposa, California “just around the corner” to the entrance to Yosemite National Park. If you are ever in the neighborhood seeing this national treasure, you might want to drive by and see their little storefront in town and see this little wind chime in person.

scorpion-fly with Wind chimes

Panorpa is a genus of scorpion-flies that is widely dispersed, especially in the Northern hemisphere. However, they do not occur in western North America. The species P. vulgaris, has become a model little insect for testing theories of sexual selection as its mating system has been noted to be similar to that of humans in some aspects. Studies show that both sexes of the species display mating preferences for direct (e.g. nuptial gifts) and indirect benefits (e.g. genetic benefits) to increase reproductive success. The production of nuptial gifts during copulation in males (e.g. salivary secretion) and high nutritional condition in females are indicators of “good foraging genes”, an indirect benefit that individuals look for in their partners. These genetic benefits can increase fitness in offspring and improve their foraging ability.

A great gift in a little wind chime. We will ship your little tuned wind chime anywhere in the United States. Buy today!

Image taken 5-16-2016 in the Nantahala National Forest in North Carolina

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